Saturday, June 28, 2008

5. Big Tanning worse than Big Tobacco?

Dr. William James, a professor of dermatology, if the high school students had the right idea about getting a head start on a tan, he laughed out loud. A tan, he said, represents nothing more than damage to the skin. It is the body trying to defend itself against an environmental hazard — too much UV light....more

4. In the Future: Magnets may erase Migranes

Some migraine sufferers may be able to avoid medication by zapping away their pain with a hand-held magnetic device, new research suggests.

The hair dryer-size device, called a transcranial magnetic stimulation device, delivers brief magnetic impulses to the brain. The researchers, who presented their results today at the American Headache Society meeting in Boston, hypothesized that the magnetic field pulses could short-circuit the pain signals in the brain....more

3. Everything you always wanted to know about your Doctor but were Afraid to Ask

Two dozen doctors take a chance to tell it like it really is, and general practitioners, surgeons, shrinks, pediatricians, and other specialists took the challenge. Some wanted to be anonymous; some didn't care. But all of them revealed funny, frightening, and downright shocking things that can help you be a better, smarter patient....more

2. Cancer Patient Cured by his own Cells

A cancer patient has made a full recovery after being injected with billions of his own immune cells in the first case of its kind, doctors have disclosed. The 52-year-old, who was suffering from advanced skin cancer, was free from tumours within eight weeks of undergoing the procedure....more

1. 9 Ways Night Owls can become Day People

Night owls don't have it easy. After all, few people can choose to show up at work or school late. And that night-owl tendency--sleep doctors call it a "delayed sleep phase," in which you go to bed and rise late--is hard to change. "...more